Friday, 27 April 2007

Middle age support

There are some things which can always make me laugh, this small movie is one of them:

Now some friendly sole has added English subtitles, actually supertitles, and danish subtitles. But it doesn't ruin the fun.


Not a blog without a manifesto

Hello reader (which is probably only myself),

This is my technical blog, lets see what kind of tech it will contain...


'xxx' is ambiguous in the namespace 'YYY'...

Is an error I had some fun with, because I, of course, thought it was something in the code. But finally (after googling a bit) I looked in my bin directory, where I found a dll-file that contained an old version of 'xxx', which made the 'xxx' visible to the application in two versions.

Upla... yet another example that it is a very good idea to read and understand the error messages.