Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Visual Studio 2005 short cuts

Its important to know your tools. So here follows a quick list of short cuts for VS2005. (for a complete list (found it after I wrote everything below link)

Clipboard HistoryCtrl+shift+V
Opens object browserCTRL+K, CTRL+R
Delete the selected line.CTRL+Shift+L
cuts the selected line into the paste buffer.CTRL+L
Transpose Words CTRL+Shift+T
Show Solution ExplorerCTRL+ALT+L
Show Toolbox CTRL+ALT+X
CTRL+BREAK Cancel Build
Build SolutionCTRL+SHIFT+B
Start without debugging CTRL+F5


Step Into F11
Step Over F10
New Breakpoint CTRL+B
Next error or warning location F8
CTRL+SPACE Complete Word, this one's brilliant - no need to type in the full variable name type in few letters and hit this key combination
Comment selected area CTRL+K,CTRL+C
Uncomment selected area CTRL+K,CTRL+U


Search and replace in entire solution Ctrl+Shift+H
Incremental search Ctrl+I
Incremental search backwards Ctrl+shift+I
Find Next F3
Find Previous SHIFT+F3

Plan to expand it, until I find the one that I am looking for.