Monday, 16 July 2007

Configuration of the tests

I find myself in the dilemma of having to run my tests in a new database with a new set of data. This should not be an surprising event, but it does require that I "update" my tests to the new reality. Cause I cant use the same keys, as before.

So how does one solve this problem. I thought up two different solutions, where one is pretty nifty but time consuming, and the other is more slow, but probably the one I am going for.

The first one, is to circumvent the util being tested, and access the database directly, and auto generate the needed row keys ect. here, one could use the loved (and hated) datasets of .NET

The second more boring one is simply to make an xml file, containing all the configuration- the key to be used for testing get methods, the search critia for the list search, and the expected size of the result, ect. For this solution one misses the ease of java's properties library.

After surfing the Net, I found this article on CodeProject "Managing configuration settings persistence in .NET applications", which describes how to read a xml file into a dataset. I will try that solution.

This post will be updated...

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