Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Doing the pomodoro technique.

Today on facebook I saw a friend mention a new agile technique called the pomodoro technique. Since Im doing a lot of documentation these days, and not really that motivate, I tought that it would be fun to try.

I found a pomodoro-technique-in-5-minutes post.

After skimming the post, I am now ready with my pen, three sheets (Records sheet, Activity Inventory sheet and To Do Today sheet), to start out using this pomodoro technique.

Still feel a bit unsure about the Records sheet, but hopefully Im going to figure that out in my first pomodoro: "Read the pomodoro technique book". Since I have a lot to do I will only allow one pomodoro for this, and read the rest later.

book is downloadable here: http://www.pomodorotechnique.com/.

So first pomodoro is finished, and I read concentrated in his book about how to continue using his technique. First I love the fact that it is an Italian who came up with the idea, living in Rome I don't really feel that Italians have much need for structuring their time too carefully.

Francesco Cirillo explains that you should add a "'" in your "To Do Today" sheet when ever you get an impulse to do something else, checking email, check facebook ect. and write it down on your list of things to do either on the "To Do Today" list or the Activity Inventory sheet if it doesn't need to be done today.

Even if I only read the first 20 pages of the book (45 in total) I see I need to priorities my work day a bit, and focus on the things I need to finish, and read the rest of the book tonight ( should I put it on the Activity list :)).


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